As the owner of Pursuit Drywall, I bring over 25 years of experience to every project. Prior to forming Pursuit Drywall in the spring of 2008, I served as the Production & Service manager for another drywall company and managed an average of 400-500 homes per year. But those were the years of the housing boom. As the industry slowed during the recession, I decided to create a smaller company more oriented towards custom home builders and individual homeowners. We continue in that direction today offering the highest level of both quality and service. 

Transparent pricing:
We've all seen the guys with the "foot in the door" low bid pricing which is then supplemented with change orders and additional charges. That's not the case with Pursuit. Our base pricing includes all service work and misc. patching (aside from major mid project renovation). If your customer needs the dining room chandelier moved so that it centers on the table, or your mechanical contractor forgot to run a gas line, it's not a problem. We've got you covered. 

If there's one aspect of the construction process that will consistently make or break a project, it's communication. This goes back to personal onsite management. By maintaining first hand knowledge of a projects progression, I am able to provide my customers with accurate and up to date information. This not only provides reassurance to the customer, it often enables them to adjust their schedule and eliminate wasted days. 

Crew Selection:
I've often had people request the "A" crew. While I like to think that everyone with Pursuit Drywall is the "A" crew, there are differences. This is what makes crew selection so important. For example; Ron (one of our service techs) is a perfect fit for a smaller addition or remodel. He typically works alone or with his son Nate, he's extremely clean, very detail oriented,  and our customers really seem to enjoy having him on the job.  However, if a builder is behind schedule and needs a 8,000 sq' home sheetrocked in 3 days, Ron probably isn't the right guy for the job. In this case, a much larger crew would be selected in order to insure that the schedule is met. Whether it be a 4 season porch or a 10,000 sq' custom home, Pursuit has the right crew for the job. 

By maintaining a low overhead and personally managing every project, I am able to keep my pricing competitive and provide my customers with a superior product and service. Pricing is always a top priority when choosing a contractor, but equally important is value. It's about getting the most for your money.

Eric Vinson: Owner and Operations Manager
About Pursuit Drywall
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